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Is it worthwhile to have an outdoor water feature in a small garden?


A. I think water in gardens can be lovely.

Freshens the air and can relax you. Even the smallest gardens should be able to fit something in :-)

You could even have the low energy version of the birdbath!

Has anyone made fake rocks for an outdoor water feature?
Q. What did you make it out of and where did you get the idea. Did they hold together well? I just put a small pond out back. I don't have money to go buy rock and I can't go hunt them down and lift them. I saw this idea and just wondered if anyone eles had made them and how hard would it be. I need something that will last. Any ideas to hardscape around my pond would be appreciated.

A. Our theater group needed rocks for a set design twenty some years ago. We used chicken wire and fiberglass resin, but instead of using fiberglass batting we used nylon and polyester from recycled clothing etc. Its much easier to work an a lot less scratchy. Over the years we've used, reused and abused them and they just keep looking better all the time. We keep them stored outside all year when not in use. The only thing I would have done differently would be to use natural earth tone fabric, we initially used some brite colors that always need to be repainted. RScott

Can a pump for a water feature or outdoor fountain run continuosly or should I put it on a timer?

A. The majority of pumps last longer if they are run constantly. It is the stopping and starting that is tough on the motor.

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