Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Is there any nusery/garden outlet that might possibly stock globe willow trees?


A. It would help if you said what area you are in!
The online store below sell them

Lawn ornaments like knomes and garden globes, etc- corny, or cute?

A. My wife has several gnomes "hiding" a couple on all sides of the house. She doesn't care what other people think because she loves them. I like them too and some are heavy to lift. If they are you, they are cute. If they aren't you, they are corny. But you be the judge. Good luck.

Anyone ever had a aero garden globe?
Q. Anyone ever had a aero garden globe?

A. I had a similar type and was very dissatisfied. It looks interesting but ended up being a pain. There are many seeds and items you can purchase for the system. Personally I like the old fashion method. Seed/plant, dirt, water and watch it grow.

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