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I found a turtle in my backyard water fountain. How do I ensure he doesnt die?

Q. I live in washington and in the summer it has ranged from 80-50 with rain to no rain, I assume he has survived all of these conditions. He also seems to be surviving just fine underwater. I know nothing about turtles and would like to ensure his survival.
In my research it appears to be a red eye slider, a common pet store turtle, turtles aren't exactly native around here. I had to clean the pond portion out because it was beginning to smell, I put the turtle back in it after and will probably buy some turtle food at the pet store.

A. He will live fine by his own, like the other answers have stated. It is illegal most places to keep wild caught turtles. If you are really concerned about his survival and well being then try an animal shelter or something like that. Please dont try to keep him as a pet, it causes emense stress to the animal. Another option is if you can find out what kind of turtle he is maybe you can turn your backyard into a turtle habitat. If he is a semi-aquatic then build a pond. Make it so that he wants to stick around and you can keep an eye on him.
Good luck with this little guy

ADDED- I just saw that you believe he is an RES here are some great sites for information

And I know how uncommon it is to find a turtle in WA so it might have been a released pet. Maybe put up signs or talk to an animal shelter to find out what you can/should do. Or the fish and wildlife people.

is there bacteria in water in a backyard fountain if it doesn't run all the time?
Q. We have a very small backyard fountain that only runs an hour or two each day. My grandson plays in the water and there is a concern that the water has bacteria in it (from sitting) that could be harmful to him.

A. It's full of bacteria. There could be some that is dangerous like salmonella or giardia. I would keep the boy out of it. If he wants to play in it, add some chlorine and turn on the fountain.

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