Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

how much would it cost to put in an inground pool and landscape it professionaly or diy?

Q. we are looking to put in a pool above or inground but not sure which way to go we want the cheapest but not crap with landscaping, cant seem to find much on the internet maybe not looking at the right sights in australia

A. look up the phone book, there should be something on landscaping, call them up and ask them for the estimated price and make sure you call a few to find the best price that best suits you

and GET A CONTRACT from your city hall, most ppl get sued by the city, even if your contracter/landscaper says that you don't need it, get it incase
i've seen many cases in canada of ppl getting ripped off all the time

How can I get my yard on DIY Desperate Landscapes?

A. write to the TV producers with a proposal

Good sources for DIY solar LED landscape lighting?
Q. I'd like to wire LED lighting to put under a lip at the top of my new retaining wall. A lot of the actual landscape light fixtures I've found are big/fancy/expensive. I'd like to wire something that will be solar powered and have the effect of strip lights--either by buying inexpensive waterproof LED strips and connecting them to solar power, or by going one step deeper and wiring individual LEDs to suit along the edge. I've found dealextreme.com for some parts, but does anyone know of a good resource for instructions on assembling this type of thing?

A. there is a solar rope light on the market now, Menard's , Carry's them or do a search on solar rope lights,

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Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

outdoor garden fountain stream shooting?

Q. I am looking for a outdoor garden fountain that shoots single streams of water in short bursts. I have seen them at Disney and other places. Can you tell me where to find them or what they are called?
The best way to describe the fountain is a leap frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad.

A. Doesn't the fountain head or nozzle give you options as to what type of water stream is projected....


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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Are there any other stores like Kirklends and Garden ridge and if so where?


A. Yes. It depends on where you are, whether you are looking for everything under one roof, or are willing to shop at smaller stores.

Is this illegal it deals with Garden ridge store?
Q. Is this illegal it deals with Garden ridge store?
Garden ridge

I went their to bring back something for my mom and it was 128 dollars she told me I have to have the debit card my mom used. When I said I din't have it she told me I can just use any debit card I have.

So I did, then my mom went to the bank later and their is no money in it 128 dollars.
My mom went and talked to the lady and she said she couldn't do anything and gave my mom a phone number and website neither work

And I did have the receipt.

Can you tell me if anything she did was wrong ar illegal because my moms really upset and I plan on oing to talk to them myself.

I feel so wronged so please be specfic if something they did was illegal.

A. If you didn't use your mom's debit card to get the refund, then the money won't be in your mom's account.

Whose card did you use? Have you checked that account?

And when they credited your account, didn't they give you a new receipt showing the $128 credit?

Sounds like you need to go back to the store and speak to a manager. Explain the whole situation to them and ask them for a copy of their receipt showing the $128 credit to your account.

Where can I find a cheap home & garden store like Garden Ridge or Old Time Pottery in Massachusetts?
Q. I just moved here from GA, and I'm looking for REALLY inexpensive furnishings/decorations. I live in Cambridge so I'd like to find stores close by, but really I'll drive anywhere if I can find things really cheaply. Thanks!
Target is still on the more expensive side, although I really do like their style. Lowe's might work. I'm specifically looking for some really cheap pedestal/plant stands to use as little side tables next to my bed, and I remember seeing some at Old Time for $10.
I didn't even think of K-mart, they've all gone out of business in GA, so I didn't know they were still around. thanks so far!

A. Garden Ridge went bankrupt. I'm not sure of an Old Time Pottery, but try Target. They are inexpensive and very modern and nice.

You could also try Walmart. They have a nice selection of things I think you're looking for. I get things there for our garden all the time.

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Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Is it worthwhile to have an outdoor water feature in a small garden?


A. I think water in gardens can be lovely.

Freshens the air and can relax you. Even the smallest gardens should be able to fit something in :-)

You could even have the low energy version of the birdbath!

Has anyone made fake rocks for an outdoor water feature?
Q. What did you make it out of and where did you get the idea. Did they hold together well? I just put a small pond out back. I don't have money to go buy rock and I can't go hunt them down and lift them. I saw this idea and just wondered if anyone eles had made them and how hard would it be. I need something that will last. Any ideas to hardscape around my pond would be appreciated.

A. Our theater group needed rocks for a set design twenty some years ago. We used chicken wire and fiberglass resin, but instead of using fiberglass batting we used nylon and polyester from recycled clothing etc. Its much easier to work an a lot less scratchy. Over the years we've used, reused and abused them and they just keep looking better all the time. We keep them stored outside all year when not in use. The only thing I would have done differently would be to use natural earth tone fabric, we initially used some brite colors that always need to be repainted. RScott

Can a pump for a water feature or outdoor fountain run continuosly or should I put it on a timer?

A. The majority of pumps last longer if they are run constantly. It is the stopping and starting that is tough on the motor.

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I found a turtle in my backyard water fountain. How do I ensure he doesnt die?

Q. I live in washington and in the summer it has ranged from 80-50 with rain to no rain, I assume he has survived all of these conditions. He also seems to be surviving just fine underwater. I know nothing about turtles and would like to ensure his survival.
In my research it appears to be a red eye slider, a common pet store turtle, turtles aren't exactly native around here. I had to clean the pond portion out because it was beginning to smell, I put the turtle back in it after and will probably buy some turtle food at the pet store.

A. He will live fine by his own, like the other answers have stated. It is illegal most places to keep wild caught turtles. If you are really concerned about his survival and well being then try an animal shelter or something like that. Please dont try to keep him as a pet, it causes emense stress to the animal. Another option is if you can find out what kind of turtle he is maybe you can turn your backyard into a turtle habitat. If he is a semi-aquatic then build a pond. Make it so that he wants to stick around and you can keep an eye on him.
Good luck with this little guy

ADDED- I just saw that you believe he is an RES here are some great sites for information

And I know how uncommon it is to find a turtle in WA so it might have been a released pet. Maybe put up signs or talk to an animal shelter to find out what you can/should do. Or the fish and wildlife people.

is there bacteria in water in a backyard fountain if it doesn't run all the time?
Q. We have a very small backyard fountain that only runs an hour or two each day. My grandson plays in the water and there is a concern that the water has bacteria in it (from sitting) that could be harmful to him.

A. It's full of bacteria. There could be some that is dangerous like salmonella or giardia. I would keep the boy out of it. If he wants to play in it, add some chlorine and turn on the fountain.

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How much would it cost to put happy birthday on the big screen at boston garden?

Q. Got tickets for someone want to know how much it would cost to put there name on that big screen at the boston garden and how to go about doing so

A. depends on the game...
If its against the lakers I would say probably 350-500
If its against the clippers 75-200.

Why does my screen go blank when I try and send gifts or request help from my neighbors on gardens of time?
Q. I have been playing gardens of time for a couple of months and my screen started just going blank everytime I try and send gifts or request help from my neighbors. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I thought it was the game but it looks like it is my system.....

A. You have been playing gardens of time for a couple of days and your screen had started blank every time you try and send gifts or request help from your neighbors but not success means try to load it again and remove previous one or consult expert person.

Decorative wooden trellis utility screens for the garden - are they a good idea?
Q. I have made an abor utility screen to hide my trashcans - Would anyone consider this a good idea and would you buy one?

A. It sounds like a great idea. Maybe you could provide a photograph(s) and add a link to show them. We could have really used something like you have described at our last house, since the cans weren't allowed to be visible (except on trash day) from the street and we would have preferred to store them other than in the garage. Good luck.

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