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Are there any other stores like Kirklends and Garden ridge and if so where?


A. Yes. It depends on where you are, whether you are looking for everything under one roof, or are willing to shop at smaller stores.

Is this illegal it deals with Garden ridge store?
Q. Is this illegal it deals with Garden ridge store?
Garden ridge

I went their to bring back something for my mom and it was 128 dollars she told me I have to have the debit card my mom used. When I said I din't have it she told me I can just use any debit card I have.

So I did, then my mom went to the bank later and their is no money in it 128 dollars.
My mom went and talked to the lady and she said she couldn't do anything and gave my mom a phone number and website neither work

And I did have the receipt.

Can you tell me if anything she did was wrong ar illegal because my moms really upset and I plan on oing to talk to them myself.

I feel so wronged so please be specfic if something they did was illegal.

A. If you didn't use your mom's debit card to get the refund, then the money won't be in your mom's account.

Whose card did you use? Have you checked that account?

And when they credited your account, didn't they give you a new receipt showing the $128 credit?

Sounds like you need to go back to the store and speak to a manager. Explain the whole situation to them and ask them for a copy of their receipt showing the $128 credit to your account.

Where can I find a cheap home & garden store like Garden Ridge or Old Time Pottery in Massachusetts?
Q. I just moved here from GA, and I'm looking for REALLY inexpensive furnishings/decorations. I live in Cambridge so I'd like to find stores close by, but really I'll drive anywhere if I can find things really cheaply. Thanks!
Target is still on the more expensive side, although I really do like their style. Lowe's might work. I'm specifically looking for some really cheap pedestal/plant stands to use as little side tables next to my bed, and I remember seeing some at Old Time for $10.
I didn't even think of K-mart, they've all gone out of business in GA, so I didn't know they were still around. thanks so far!

A. Garden Ridge went bankrupt. I'm not sure of an Old Time Pottery, but try Target. They are inexpensive and very modern and nice.

You could also try Walmart. They have a nice selection of things I think you're looking for. I get things there for our garden all the time.

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