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how much would it cost to put in an inground pool and landscape it professionaly or diy?

Q. we are looking to put in a pool above or inground but not sure which way to go we want the cheapest but not crap with landscaping, cant seem to find much on the internet maybe not looking at the right sights in australia

A. look up the phone book, there should be something on landscaping, call them up and ask them for the estimated price and make sure you call a few to find the best price that best suits you

and GET A CONTRACT from your city hall, most ppl get sued by the city, even if your contracter/landscaper says that you don't need it, get it incase
i've seen many cases in canada of ppl getting ripped off all the time

How can I get my yard on DIY Desperate Landscapes?

A. write to the TV producers with a proposal

Good sources for DIY solar LED landscape lighting?
Q. I'd like to wire LED lighting to put under a lip at the top of my new retaining wall. A lot of the actual landscape light fixtures I've found are big/fancy/expensive. I'd like to wire something that will be solar powered and have the effect of strip lights--either by buying inexpensive waterproof LED strips and connecting them to solar power, or by going one step deeper and wiring individual LEDs to suit along the edge. I've found dealextreme.com for some parts, but does anyone know of a good resource for instructions on assembling this type of thing?

A. there is a solar rope light on the market now, Menard's , Carry's them or do a search on solar rope lights,

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